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1. basic qualities: integrity, leadership, risk, positive innovation, unity and cooperation, continuous improvement, the ability of finding and solving problems

2. - integrity integrity is the brand image, personality does not exist, what based on the development of.

3. strong enterprising, overcome difficulties, firm and indomitable, independent to do their work with great enthusiasm.

4. leadership - leadership and motivate others.   A good working relationship, and strive to help subordinates to fulfill their potential.

5. communication skills -- concise and persuasive to express their views.   Having influence on others at the same time, but also good to objective and open draw advice and feedback.

6.: comprehensive analysis ability on problem in the work, and draw reasonable conclusions.   To respond to the rapidly changing business competition in a timely manner.

7. innovation ability -- found a new way of thinking, new methods of work, and the best way to reach a goal.   We are often faced with hitherto unknown change, only more creative work, only to challenge some of the basic assumptions of traditional ideas, in order to master it

8. cooperation spirit successfully led a group to achieve the best results.



whole course   Career: time dimension (entry, career, career, career early middle late)

Full   Position dimension (management position series, administrative position series, technology position Series)

Comprehensive   - the dimension of content (basic quality, professional quality, management quality)

The whole:   The new employees in the company all the occupation career, the implementation of occupation career planning, each stage has the corresponding training and match.   For an employee in mid career, occupation, the occupation career platform called, encourage employees to become horizontal development, senior industry professionals.

Full:   All employees in the company, from production, marketing, management and so on, all employees are covered object federate business school master.

Comprehensive:   The company will improve staff quality training as the main task.   The quality of the employees is divided into basic quality, professional quality and management quality of three categories.

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